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About Magicnet

The MAGICNET system, which serves as a portal for the Advice Group organization, was developed for over than 15 years, Constitutes a gateway for the whole organization which every employee and manager can access and use the tools that are required for his work, while full communicating between different modules in the system.

The MAGICNET system specializes in streamlining management processes, sales, service and marketing.

MAGICNET offers business solutions for companies and businesses from all industry fields that are embedded in dozens of  Leading companies in the economy.

It is possible to work with MAGICNET locally or in synchronization with other management resources (ERP) systems,

Such as: SAP, PRIORITY, HASHAVSHEVET and more ...

MAGICNET is web-based and enables real-time access from anywhere and from all types of devices (Smartphone, tablet, computer) for up-to-date, available, and effective management.

The MAGICNET system has an advanced authorization mechanism, which can be adjusted to include the required information for every Employee or department.

Additional Benefits:

  • ADVICE ELECTRONICS LTD is a partner in solutions of various ERP companies, such as: PRIORITY, SAP and HASHAVSHEVET.

  • The system also contains a database of its own and can work in the same way as an independent system without synchronization to ERP.

  • The business information is maintained in advanced information security systems, using the cloud backup method, which is constantly backed up.

  • The system is installed as a service with a SaaS method (Software as a Service) with no obligation.


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Organizational Portal - A collaborative website accessible to all employees from anywhere and from any device. The portal consolidates all organizational and business information in one place and contains tools for collaboration and information between teams, departments and external entities. The portal serves as the gateway to the organization and is the work desk of every employee.

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Knowledge management system - the system enables the preservation, sharing, accessibility and development of knowledge to promote the organization's goals. Efficient management of the information enables employees to provide accurate and quick answers, saves valuable time in repeated calls and increases customer satisfaction.


Customer Relationship Management System CRM - The system combines marketing operations with new customers and existing customer retention and development of the organization's customer base, while examining the value created by the organization as a result of these processes.


Sales terminal system - The system provides the full toolbox to the salesperson. Through it, the salesperson has access to the organization's systems and can: manage and track leads, building a quotation, making it an order, and issuing an invoice from the accounting system.

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Managing Call Service System - The system provides a complete solution for managing and tracking service calls, service contracts, SLAs and warranties. The system includes a WEB application that is adapted to the field service technician telephone, who receives the service call directly to his mobile phone, can navigate to the call via a link to WAZE, update the call directly from the field, sign the customer digitally and more.

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Marketing and Campaign Management System - Based on CRM system for a customer relationship management enables the creation and management of campaigns, surveys or feedback, via mailing lists for mails, SMS / fax / , according to various cuts.

The system synchronizes with the ERP / accounting systems in the organization, such as:

The system is accessible from anywhere and from any device such as: smartphones, tablets..

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